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The Lady Kent shoe factory was born in 1982 from the enthusiasm of its founders, together with the how-to, matured by each one of them since teenage, about the various manufacturing phases that bring to the final result: the shoe.
With these strong traditions, the company maintained a cutting-edge status by focusing on the “assembled” kind of footwear, while integrating the most advanced techniques like Woven and Antiquing, equally handmade.
Lady Kent is specialized in the production of men footwear, rigorously Made In Italy, dedicated to those who seek to follow the latest fashion guidelines while keeping the timeless elegance of the most classic style and comfort.

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Woven | Handmade

The entirely handmade woven procedure is undoubtedly one of the founding frameworks of Lady Kent.
This kind of production, abandoned by the most because if its complexity, is today pride and joy for the company.
The skill mastery required is evident on the final product, but it is even more the sensation of comfort and lightness that the customer is able to feel once the shoe is put on.

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Vegetable Tanning | Quality

All leathers used by Lady Kent are vegetable tanned.
The base element is the Tannin, prime material naturally obtained by plants and therefore in harmony with nature.
This process is what gives to the leather that unique character, immediately recognizable.
They say that leather like this can age, but will not spoil. This is because as years go by the leathers remains alive, absorbing the traces of time, making its warm shades emerge.

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Ageing | Traditional

Each shoe is aged, finished and polished by hand.
Starting from natural leathers, using specific brushes and creams the desired effect, gleam and tone is given.
This brings to results otherwise unachievable, making each pair of shoes unique.


  • MICAM – Milano 16/19 February 2020 – Annex 4 Stand L-10
  • MICAM – Milano 20/23 September 2020 – Annex 1 Stand B-21

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